Architecture & Design
Architecture & Design

Leading Edge Group has assisted a variety of health facilities to maximize available physical space and resources.

We’ve worked with architects, planners and design teams as well as clinical staff to redesign layout for optimal flow. This, in turn, has improved experiences and satisfaction levels for patients and staff.

We have become experts from working hands-on in this sector. We implement clear guidelines on location, adjacency and spacing so that patients, clinicians and support workers can co-exist in a more harmonious environment. We figure out the technical design details that establish where halls, rooms, staircases, elevators and corridors should be.

Examples of recent projects include the use of Lean to optimize:

  • Hospital pharmacy redesign
  • Community health centre new build
  • District health unit renovation
  • Home dialysis centre relocation
  • Service relocation – critical care beds, operating rooms and interventional services
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