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5 Day Lean Health Check

The Challenge

Leading Edge Consultants performed the Health Check over a five-day period to establish the current state of the techniques, systems, controls, performance measurements, structures and cost awareness. The Health Check involved detailed interviews with key personnel.

The Solution

Leading Edge Group determined the effectiveness of the supply chain operations and the resulting report outlined the findings and detailed recommendations as to appropriate operational improvements, changes or modifications to support the future supply chain operations at Benchmark.

The key issues that arose were wide-ranging and impacted on more than one area. The recommendations resulted in immediate and long-term benefits for the company. A number of project teams were set up to implement initiatives such as Leaning certain manufacturing supply chain processes and establishing a Balanced Scorecard measurement system.

The Results

The outputĀ under each category incorporated:

  • Positive Findings
  • Negative Findings
  • Recommendations & Roadmap
  • Organizational & Training issues

The company subsequently asked Leading Edge to perform a two-day audit 12 months later to determine the effectiveness of the change activities implemented in the interim. The results were extremely positive and underlined how Benchmark management and staff had actively managed the change programs.

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