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Lean at a Quick Service Restaurant Chain

The Challenge

This project saw Leading Edge Group working with a Canadian fast casual restaurant known for its coffee and doughnuts. The organisation has 3,000 stores in Canada as well as restaurants in the United States, United Arab Emirates and Oman. We worked on a  Continuous Improvement (CI) project through the provision of management consulting, training and certification support. We also engaged with stakeholders to develop a framework for successful business strategy deployment, which will clearly define the role of change management, project management and the continuous improvement (CI)/Lean methodology.

The Solution

Leading Edge Group conducted a comprehensive assessment through one on one interviews with relevant stakeholders over a two-week period, either face-to-face or via telephone. Interviewees were representative of a cross section of CI specialists, individuals from various departments and at various levels within the organization.

The Results

Leading Edge Group developed an organizational framework and implementation roadmap that helped optimize resources and increase the efficiencies of daily operations. The framework was underpinned by a CI/Lean philosophy and clearly defined the role of change management, project management and the CI methodology (Lean).

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