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Ornua Way White Paper

The Challenge

The challenges facing the OpEx team at Ornua in late 2015 were not insignificant. Previously, the team had worked successfully on numerous Lean initiatives to save money, improve quality, capacity and delivery at various processing sites. Although the improvements were good, the approach taken was sporadic and was being overtaken by the pace of change and growth at Ornua. The end of EU quotas and the strategic decision to grow the internal network of processing facilities prompted the Ornua OpEx team to seek out and implement a Lean management system that would support growth in a sustainable way.

The Solution

Initially, the Ornua OpEx team engaged and got the support of senior corporate management. The case for change was made and the required investment to create the Ornua Way was approved. In 2016, the Group CEO, Kevin Lane, launched “The Ornua Way” as the Group’s formal Operational Excellence programme. At this stage Leading Edge Group were brought on board to support the Ornua OpEx team.

The Results

This paper shows how in a short period of time, with the right structure and vision; and with senior management support, a small OpEx team can create change on a grand scale. The Ornua Way has had an immediate impact and is recognised in Ornua as the operations management system to support sales growth past €3bn.

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