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Lean Transformation in the Pulp and Paper Industry

The Challenge

Leading Edge Group was engaged by the client to implement a Lean Transformation program across all three of their manufacturing sites.

The client was faced with stagnant market growth and eroding margins due to an increase in raw material costs and labour rates.

In order to stay competitive in the market place and to continue delivering value to its corporation, the client decided to institute changes in how it approached its business processes and people.

The Solution

Lean was the logical solution to help the organization remain competitive now and into the future.

The goal of the client’s Lean Transformation was to institute a culture of continuous improvement that will result in positive impact to our stake holders.

The Results

  • The client increased the production rate from two to five units per day (with flexibility identified to move towards 7).
  • Order development time was reduced from three weeks to two days.
  • Operating margins were improved by 10%, resulting in industry leading performance in quality, shipping time, and costs, allowing the client to gain significant market share over their competitors.

As part of the new culture, behaviors and new ways of thinking are now valued and encouraged. Employees are empowered and the business has become customer-centred with fact-based decision making in place.

There’s a greater collaboration between regions and manufacturing facilities and ongoing growth of knowledge and technical expertise.

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