Clare Lean Program 2021
Posted in Lean on 2/07/2021

Information Webinar 18th August

The principles of Lean Management are very well suited to small businesses, and even small changes can have a big impact on your processes, your costs, and fundamentally your bottom line.

Do you want to make your business more profitable and efficient?

The Local Enterprise Office Clare can provide your business with specialized training in Lean tools and techniques. Join the 1,000’s of companies all over Ireland who have successfully engaged in LEAN business programs and recorded significant gains, including:

  • Productivity increases 20%
  • Sales increases 40%
  • Delivery adherence improvements 43%
  • Product & Service quality improvements 30%
  • Employment increases 11%

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The Information Webinar takes place at 6:30pm on the 18th of August and is free to attend.

Follow the link here to book directly with the Local Enterprise Office Clare.

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