Commercial Services
Commercial Services

Leading Edge Group has increasingly been working with organizations within the consumer and commercial services industry in recent years.

We help reduce waste and increase value-add across the entire value chain.  We provide the necessary tools to enhance sustainability and competitive advantage.  We have also developed proprietary tools, methods and techniques to help organizations:

  • Assess current performance and capacity of processes, systems and people
  • Identify major opportunities for improvement
  • Develop a roadmap or action plan for execution
  • Project manage the change program implementation
  • Build in-house capability

We work with all our clients to achieve real outcomes, ranging from savings of $100,000+ on a Black Belt training project to $10 million on a large scale, multi-site, consulting transformation project. Furthermore, the benefits in terms of culture, employee engagement and soft skills development are huge.


    Our consumer and commercial services work involves education, training and consulting engagements across a mix of sectors, including:

  • Financial services
  • Insurance
  • Shared services
  • Hospitality services
  • Call centers
  • Commercial and business support services
  • Consumer retail
  • Media

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We collaborate closely with clients to find out where their problem areas are. We then introduce quality improvement tools, tailor-made techniques and evidence-based best practice models to improve efficiencies, reduce bottlenecks/barriers and enhance customer value.
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