Health Economics
Applying Health Economics Tools and Techniques

This 13-week program aims to give you the skills to analyze and evaluate typical resource allocation problems involving health and healthcare. It provides you with an analytical toolkit and evidence base to help you better understand the efficiency and equity implications of these key resource allocation decisions.

Course Outline

This online course introduces you to the discipline of heath economics and the practical tools and techniques.


The course covers the following key topics:

  • Health economics and health economic evaluations
  • Application of health economics to decision making, project evaluation and value communication within healthcare organizations
  • Applied methods of economic evaluation
  • Modelling potential scenarios and budget impact


Who Should Enrol?

Healthcare professionals, practitioners and administrators who wish to learn how to understand and apply health economics to improve decision making, project evaluation, policy analysis and value communication. In particular, those working in:


  • Finance/administration/commissioning in healthcare organizations/networks
  • Healthcare policy and advocacy
  • Medical devices and pharmaceutical sectors
  • Healthcare research and evaluation


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, participants will have the confidence, knowledge and skills to:


  • Find, assess and interpret health economic evidence
  • Identify key steps in modelling project scenarios in order to aid decision making
  • Explain the key steps in planning economic evaluations of projects to calculate return on investment



Program Assessment and Certification

Assessment of this course is comprised of two components:

  • Multiple choice online exam is worth 40% of total marks
  • The course assignment is worth 60% of total marks

To be certified for this course you must achieve a passing grade overall (50% of total marks) as well as a passing grade in both components.

Successful participants are awarded a certificate of completion from the Ontario Tech University and/or  Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA).

What are the core benefits for you and your organization?

  • Realize your organizations true potential by empowering your team to make positive changes in the decision-making process.
  • The training and development of an inhouse resource, to assist in interpreting policies and analyzing trade-offs in healthcare decision making.
  • New approaches to problem solving.
  • Better understanding of the implications of key resource allocation decisions.
  • Develops sought after skills in health economic evaluation.
  • Develops capability to understand and communicate the value for money, affordability and uncertainty of competing options.
  • Increases graduates earning potential.
  • Mentor support by academic health economists.
Course Information and Pricing
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