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Tailored & Bridging Programs

Leading Edge Group knows that every organization is unique. Because of this, we work with clients to understand their specific needs and we customize our training, content and delivery accordingly.

As well as our standard training programs and workshops, Leading Edge Group can work with your organization to develop specific training that is specially tailored to meet your needs. This can involve customizing existing programs or creating “Just In Time” tailor-made courses that match your needs exactly.

We use relevant examples, case studies and practices to enhance our instructor-led training courses. We pass on a wealth of sector specific knowledge, acquired from over two decades of working with industry leaders.

For organizations who want that need extra focus on specific problems, we can work with them to create programs specific to their needs. For example, we can train on a specific Lean tool, focusing on practical elements and targeting problem areas within your organization. If you think your organization could benefit from training that is aligned with your working environment and or tailored to address a specific challenge or opportunity, please contact us.


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