Episode 3 – Cultural Change through Lean for Local Government
Posted in Podcast on 13/04/2021

‘My first introduction to continuous improvement happened when I was working with the Government of Canada and I was asked to attend a week-long meeting called a Kaizen. I had no idea what it is and was and I really did not know anything about the process, but the fearless leader assured us all of that that wouldn’t matter…as the work started, we were making tremendous progress very quickly. I loved looking at the system as a whole, not just a piece of the process. As a facilitator, I was naturally drawn to a lot of those brainstorming tools and walked away from that week-long event thinking about how I would love to start employing some of those tools and methodology to my own work.’

On this week’s episode we are speaking to Victoria Etchegary, Manager of Organizational Performance and Strategy at the City of St. John’s, about the positive impact Lean and continuous improvement has made to her own career and to the City of St. John’s.