Anand Nicodemus
Anand Nicodemus

A Black Belt and professional engineer, Anand holds certifications in Lean, Six Sigma and re-engineering. He has had the privilege of learning about the deployment of continuous improvement strategies from the world renowned grandmaster – Dr. James Harrington – and the Kaizen guru – Masaki Imai. Anand also teaches Lean and continuous improvement at the Mount Royal University, Calgary AB.

Anand has consistently helped clients to transform their operations through cost reduction/avoidance (15–78 %); service and quality enhancements; revenue enhancement (6% upwards) and improvement in customer experience and staff engagement.

With 25 years experience, Anand has experience using Lean, Six Sigma, BPI, BPM (using technology such as Ultimus BPMS and Telelogic Enterprise Architect) and BPR in a range of industries – utilities, downstream oil and gas, construction, banking, financial services, transportation, insurance, property development, manufacturing, high technology, electronic marketplaces, commodity markets, law enforcement, government, retail, facilities management, economic zones and healthcare.

Anand has led the set-up and operation of a Lean Six Sigma based continual improvement framework that generated large cost savings/avoidance and enhanced service in a government-owned globally present diversified group. The framework supported the public sector reform agenda and resulted in the release of capacity and its deployment in new revenue lines. The overall impact of the program was quantified to be in excess of $500 million annually.

Two factors that largely contributed to Anand’s success are (a) an approach that emphasizes employee engagement and empowerment and (b) the powerful use of tool kits such as Lean and Six Sigma; deployed within a well designed and robust continual improvement framework.