Garry Doyle
Garry Doyle

Garry Doyle is a process improvement professional with over 25 years’ experience in the construction, manufacturing and service industries. With a solid foundation in Industrial Engineering, Garry also holds a Lean Sigma Black Belt and a Diploma in Business Strategy from Reading University in the UK. From leading strategic consulting projects to developing and delivering Lean training, he has acted as both coach and mentor to cross functional teams to accomplish synergies of purpose and destination.

Garry has applied techniques such as time study, process flow, plant layout and systems support as a precursor to Lean tools for process improvement and waste elimination. Recent focus has shifted to working with client organizations to develop customer centric solutions that favour a “Pull” system and effective change management facilitation to ensure that improvements are continuous and sustainable.

In his previous role as manager of continuous improvement for Tim Hortons Inc., Garry worked seamlessly with all levels of management up to COO and collaborated with all functional departments to navigate strategic projects to successful completion as well as facilitating Lean events and designing educational programs.

Garry has in-depth construction industry experience through working with relevant organizations in Europe and North America. The following are some key highlights:

  • Tim Hortons Inc. – Developed a streamlined program for the construction planning and development department to reduce project duration and make efficiencies to site operations
  • Kilsaran Concrete, mortar plant and aggregates – Developed and serviced a network of 100+ building sites throughout Ireland with mortar silos and managed the filling plant
  • Kingspan/Century, timber frame structures – Worked with site foremen to develop and implement a “second fix” program that guaranteed a vastly improved level of service and quality and drove customer satisfaction from 20% to 100%
  • Allen Windows, curtain wall manufacturing and installation – Developed a Lean program for on-site window-wall installation that reduced on-site defects by 80%

Garry has a track record of developing effective relationships on all of the engagements that he leads, in particular due to his Lean objectivity and unbiased opinion in problem solving situations.