Podcast Download: A Lifelong fascination with Toyota and the making of a Lean Sensei

We continue with our 6-part podcast series called ”Breaking The Mould” in which Joe Aherne, CEO, Leading Edge Group, interviews a number of professionals who have followed their dreams and achieved or embarked on some unique and exciting ventures. Many of these are unsung heroes and we are delighted to share their experiences with an international audience.

Joe Aherne and Dr. Tim Hill

Dr Tim Hill is a Canadian and global leader and consultant in human resources, human capital, production, quality and continuous improvement practices. Dr Tim studied at the W. Edwards Deming Institute, the Kaizen Institute Japan not to mention other Japanese based Quality and Engineering institution. He lived in the Far East for many years working across China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong as well as lecturing in Industrial and Organizational Psychology back in Ontario. His lifelong work is to help organizations and communities solve difficult problems when they connect people to accountabilities.

You can contact Dr. Tim Hill via email or phone on 519-670-4565.