Live Web-based Training
Tailor-made courses delivered in real time through a live virtual classroom.
Looking for live online training for your team?

To enable ongoing capability building and the upskilling of professionals and teams remotely, Leading Edge Group provides a suite of customized learning programs that are delivered through a live web-based virtual classroom.

Participants will learn in real-time using an interactive online training platform. Brainstorming, ideation and discussions happen in real-time. Everything remains the way it is. The only difference is a virtual, online classroom that uses technology to support instruction and learning. Our training content is tailored so that it is relevant and immediately applicable within your organization, department or team.

In summary, what are the advantages of our virtual classroom?

  • It offers flexibility, especially where location and times are restricted
  • It can be accessed from a variety of platforms, with minimal software requirements
  • All of our internationally certified instructors have in depth experience collaborating with learners online
  • We can customize for your specific industry sector and target audience
  • It is structured in a modular format so that the amount of content delivered is optimal for a virtual learning environment
  • Robust annotation tools; whiteboarding; group chat and virtual breakout rooms are incorporated to ensure a rich and interactive learning experience for all

For North America, please contact John Whelton, VP of Operations, via email to discuss your training requirements.

For Rest of World, please contact Joe Aherne, our CEO, via email to request a meeting and proposal tailored specifically to your business.


Here are some of the courses on offer:

All programs and courses below are specifically tailored to a variety of sectors including municipalities, healthcare, finance, supply chain management, construction, etc.

Certified Lean Belt Training


  • Lean for Managers
  • Lean for Senior Managers
  • Lean for Union Executives
  • Lean Leadership
  • Lean Strategy
  • Speed Leadership
  • Kata Coaching
  • Hoshin Kanri

  • 5S Planning and Execution
  • Process and Value Stream Mapping
  • Standard Work
  • The Kaizen Blitz
  • Lean Procurement
  • Pull Planning
  • Meeting Effectiveness
  • A3 Development and Deployment
  • SMED
  • OEE
  • Pull System Kanban
  • Lean Warehouse
  • TPM
Change/Project Management

  • Performance Measures Introduction
  • Developing Corporate Performance Measures
  • Introduction to KPI Performance Management
  • Practical Project Management
  • Introduction to ADKAR

“As a participant of our Black Belt certified program, I enjoyed the blend of delivery – from Powerpoint slides to story-telling to videos to illustrate the key points and tools.  The Leading Edge Group trainer brought the concepts to life via examples from his previous work experience in industry and also drew from previous client examples and case studies. This provided a blend of examples and challenges across multiple industries to help us understand the concepts and methodologies used. The training slides were used as slides should be used i.e. a reference point for interactive discussion and understanding rather than lecture style training. The energy and enthusiasm brought by the trainer was infectious and inspired all attendees to participate rather than sit back and listen!”

Director, US Biopharmaceutical Company