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Laboratories & Diagnostics

Leading Edge Group has deployed Lean in a variety of laboratory settings – fixed and mobile donor clinics, testing laboratories, blood component processing laboratories and quality control testing labs.

These organizations have been involved in everything from diagnostic testing to blood component processing, quality control processing, molecular diagnostics and biotechnology.

Our skills have helped to:

  • Establish an Apheresis donor clinic, which collects blood platelets from a panel of over 1,200 regular donors once per month
  • Ensure that future demand for platelet products could be met through increased effectiveness of donations and scheduling of donors
  • Reduce waiting times for donors (six clinic locations processing some 150,000 donations annually)
  • Meet the needs of the donors and encourage them to donate more regularly
  • Pre-analyze patient specimens (scheduling, receipt and pre-analysis of specimen samples)
  • Successfully address capacity constraints resulting from increased demand
  • Identify sustainable improvement opportunities going forward
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