Leading Edge Group has helped pharmacists, assistants and technicians across a variety of hospitals and organizations decrease errors, balance workload, improve organization in the workplace, standardize processes, enhance flow and improve stock management.

Through our Continuous Improvement support, we’ve reduced the need for pharmacists to rework scripts, therefore reducing the amount of time spent on paperwork. Our practices have:

  • Reduced overall inventory levels from $3.8m to $2.8m
  • Released 10-12 hours of technician time per week
  • Reduced product waste by 15%
  • Optimized space utilization for storage by 20%
  • Reduced replenishment lead time for top-up items
  • Reduced replenishment lead time for direct orders
  • Defined PAR (total stock) levels to best meet demand accurately
  • Reduced the number of expired items
  • Streamlined processes across eight pharmacies
  • Improved pharmacy performance despite a recruitment embargo
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