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CItric Cube - Your Continuous Improvement (CI) Management Tool

CItric Cube is a “one stop shop” solution for managing all your CI activities. It will allow you to coordinate and share learnings across your organization in an efficient and user friendly way, saving you time, money and resources. 

Our cloud based application will simply allow you access to your information anytime, anywhere. With everyone having access to the portal, learnings will be able to be shared easily across your organization. In addition, tools and templates will be available to use at your fingertips and there are eleven predefined reports accessible as standard. All data fields can be exported with ease so you can design your own reports.

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What are the Core Benefits?

CItric Cube offers a “one stop shop” for aligning people and efforts across your company to deliver sustainable CI results. We provide the necessary tools, templates, information, and reports better than anyone else.

  • Cloud / web based application
  • Create and edit projects
  • Repository of CI tools across methodologies
  • Report building capability
  • Central location for training materials and documentation
  • Assessment tools for maturity measurement
  • Organizational team visibility
  • Powerful search capability

Why CItric Cube?

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Continuous Improvement Survey Report

Our Continuous Improvement Survey Report provides a snapshot of the current continuous improvement (CI) landscape.

The results highlight the gap between CI maturity and the adoption of new technologies to power rapid and effective improvement. The report also shines a spotlight on challenges to adoption, looking at the changes that are pre-requisite to technology being fully embraced and embedded at the core of organizational continuous improvement strategy.

Survey Report

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