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Partnering with you on your Lean Journey


Lean thinking can help your organization enhance service, quality, and competitiveness by building the capability of your people to identify problems, improve operations and enable greater innovation.

Leading Edge Group provides a number of Lean consulting programs to help your organization save/avoid costs and increase performance, quality and competitiveness.


Excellence Through an Expert Approach

Leading Edge Group Framework – Pillars for Success

Leading Edge Group’s framework is designed to support organizations of all sizes that need to rapidly transform and reinvent themselves to meet new local and global challenges across areas that include operational excellence, Lean Digital Transformation (LDx), Agile and climate action. We have a panel of over 50 consultants and trainers with multiple skillsets and areas of expertise in helping organizations achieve operational sustainable excellence.

Our framework is designed to support the individual needs of each facility or department/business unit within an organization. This journey takes the organization from daily firefighting and silo-managed processes to work area self-reliance and sustained growth.

The Framework builds upon established methodologies such as Lean, Agile and other operational excellence methodologies as well as best practices for key areas including digital, energy and sustainability. This is a system that eliminates crossover and creates one single approach to operational excellence.

In 26 years, we have worked with more than 1,000 international clients to deliver a range of services including organization-wide transformations, rapid improvement events and customized training and coaching – all of which have enabled over $1B in improvements.



Benefits Achieved from implementing our Lean Framework

  • Reduced costs
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Reduced wait times
  • Improved access to services
  • Improved work, materials and information flows
  • Standardized processes and procedures
  • Increased production yields
  • Production planning optimization
  • Reduced production waste
  • Increased margins
  • Improved safety performance
  • Carbon emission reduction
  • Strategic energy and environmental management
  • Maximized value from digital solutions
  • Managing digital risks
  • Navigating complexities of change management

Leading Edge Group Sectors

We work in the following sectors throughout Canada, Ireland, and Australia.

Local Government/Municipalities: Regions, counties, cities, towns

Healthcare: Acute care, public health, community health, and social services, long term care, addictions, and mental health, pharmacy

Services: Utilities, postal, energy, contact/call centers, financial, nutrition, janitorial, housekeeping

Food: Agri, dairy, drinks, services, retail

Lifesciences: Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, animal health

Engineering: Manufacturing engineering, mechanical engineering, project engineering, packaging

Construction: Small, medium, and larger construction organizations; general, mechanical, and electrical contractors; sub-trades; road builders; architects; professional engineers; project managers




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