The CEO Institute

Facilitating C-Suite Networking for Leading CEOs

Established in 1992 in Australia this global networking phenomenon became the world’s first certification body for CEOs in 2011. With an ever-expanding presence across the globe, ReganStein is proud to be part of this preeminent executive membership organization through our licenced operation for Ireland and Ontario Canada and provision of both the CEO Syndicate and Future CEO Programs.

Benefits of joining The CEO Institute

The CEO Institute will inspire you to embark upon a journey of continuous improvement in your professional and personal life with its unique approach to professional development by creating environments where you will:

  • Connect, communicate, and share your skills, insight and experience, while challenging yourself and your peers to progress to your fullest potential
  • Gain exclusive access to the broader business world and its knowledge of leading and evolving business practices, so that you can apply them in your business to maximize your results.
  • Network with other business leaders like you

The CEO Institute – Head Office

To learn more about the CEO Institute you can visit their website here.