Live Web-based Lean Certification Training
Lean certification programs delivered in real time through a live virtual classroom.
Looking for live online certification training for your team?

To enable ongoing capability building and the upskilling of professionals and teams remotely, Leading Edge Group provides a suite of customized learning certification programs that are delivered through a live web-based virtual classroom. Certification for each program is available from our partners Ontario Tech University.

In summary, what are the advantages of our virtual classroom?

  • It offers flexibility, especially where location and times are restricted
  • It can be accessed from a variety of platforms, with minimal software requirements
  • All of our internationally certified instructors have in depth experience collaborating with learners online
  • We can customize for your specific industry sector and target audience
  • It is structured in a modular format so that the amount of content delivered is optimal for a virtual learning environment
  • Robust annotation tools; whiteboarding; group chat and virtual breakout rooms are incorporated to ensure a rich and interactive learning experience for all

Please contact John Whelton, VP of Operations, via email to discuss your training requirements.


Here are the programs on offer:

All programs below are specifically tailored to a variety of sectors including municipalities, healthcare, finance, supply chain management, construction, etc.

Lean White Belt

  • Provides a basic introduction to and awareness of Lean thinking; develops an appreciation for the applicability of Lean within the organization and creates the ability to participate in and contribute to an improvement project. Participants receive a White Belt certificate of attendance.
Lean Yellow Belt

  • Develops a basic proficiency in identifying improvement opportunities and applying key Lean tools and practices to make small improvements across a variety of settings. Yellow Belt certification is based on successful exam completion.
Lean Green Belt

  • Develops participants to the point where they are competent in facilitating improvement initiatives. Green Belt certification is based on successful project and exam completion.
Lean Black Belt

  • Provides participants with a practical application of advanced Lean tools and techniques, as well as developing the appropriate process improvement, leadership and project/program management skills to drive the changes that are necessary for a successful Lean transformation.