Continuous Improvement
Maturity Model

Drawing on 20 years’ experience, Leading Edge Group’s continuous improvement maturity model (CIMM) provides structured tools to objectively assess and develop an organization’s continuous improvement capabilities.

The CIMM assesses the organization against fourteen enterprise excellence “ways”. The level to which each “way” is embedded in the organization contributes to the overall enterprise excellence maturity rating. The specific scores of each ‘way’ are rolled up to yield and overall score. The scoring system has five levels of maturity which indicate where the organization is on its journey to self-reliant & self-sustaining continuous improvement. The output from the CIMM can be an integral component of the annual strategic review and deployment.

Organizations can apply the CIMM to help

  • Develop an objective assessment of the current baseline level of continuous improvement, innovation and culture change within their organization, benchmarked against a reference standard.
  • Identify key gaps and opportunities.
  • Prioritize context-appropriate actions to enhance continuous improvement outcomes.
  • Communicate goals and benefits when championing continuous improvement within the organization.
  • Track progress over time in implementing continuous improvement.

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