The podcasts we feature on our website are also found across many major streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. We provide a podcast series on a similar theme and individual standalone podcasts delivered by our network of experts, including clients and associates. The podcasts have a focus on individual areas over a number of weeks or months. Some of our recent podcast series have included “Cultural Change Through Lean for Government” and “ Future Proof your Organization with Lean”.

Cultural Change Through Lean for Local Government – Episode 1

Over the coming weeks Leading Edge Group will be releasing a series of podcasts highlighting…

Cultural Change Through Lean for Local Government – Episode 2

‘The staff said, ‘We’ve been wanting to do this for ages, but we’ve been stuck because…

Cultural Change Through Lean for Local Government – Episode 3

‘My first introduction to continuous improvement happened when I was working with the Government of…

Cultural Change Through Lean for Local Government – Episode 4

‘The tools captured through Lean and its applicability across multiple platforms and spaces has really…


Our blogs are a collection of informative spotlights of news and opportunities both in your business and across all sectors in every industry that may be applicable to our clients. Across Europe, North America, Oceania and even further around the world, we offer in depth advice and suggestions to all of our current and potential clients on one platform.

Additional Training Programs by Leading Edge Group

Leading Edge Group offers in person training programs in Ireland, Canada and Australia on Lean,…

Key Performance Indicators for Production Monitoring

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are quantifiable measures used to evaluate the success of an organization,…

Lean Business Ireland Conference 2023

Leading Edge Group is pleased to announce that we are sponsoring the 7th year of…

OneView Approach – Action Research Program

Lean Green OneView solves the problem of competing priorities across climate change activities, operational excellence…

Case Studies

These case studies demonstrate our unique ability to engage at all levels across different sectors and jurisdictions to achieve positive and sustainable change through top-class consulting, training and coaching. See for yourself the difference that we can make to your organization.

Lean Transformation in the Pulp and Paper Industry

The Challenge Leading Edge Group was engaged by the client to implement a Lean Transformation…

Reduced Waiting Times for Blood Donors

The Challenge Leading Edge Group was engaged to review this client’s clinic operations with the…

Improved Food and Nutrition Services

The Challenge This company is the governing commercial body of a number of Ontario-based hospitals.…

Marketing Office
Lean Marketing to Grow Sales

The organization required a significant growth.


An Organizational Transformation is a large scale program implemented across all aspects of your business. It will revolutionize how you operate from the inside out. You will benefit financially thanks to additional capacity delivering higher revenues. Improvements in how you operate will bring higher productivity, eliminate waste and result in reduced overall costs.


You can view all of our videos on YouTube or view them directly on our website. These videos come from stories of our network of clients expert practitioners and include case studies and insights on relevant concepts, tools and techniques.

Belts in 2 Minutes

The following is an animation describing the five stages of the Lean Belts. – Lean…

Lean Construction in 3 minutes

The following is a short animation that provides an introduction to Lean, its application in…

CItric Cube – Join the dots. Continuously Improve.

The following is an animation describing CItric Cube, our “one stop shop” solution for managing…

Guelph General Hospital Video

This 3-minute video highlights the benefits that Guelph General Hospital has seen since deploying Lean.…


We regularly create eBooks for our future, present and past customers on relevant topics to further enhance your knowledge in all areas of our Training and Consulting landscape.

How to Embed a Culture of Continuous Improvement in your Organization

Keeping up with the rapidly changing world means employees need to learn continuously if they…

Future Proof your Organization with Lean eBook

This eBook consists of a series of interviews with international Lean practitioners who will share…

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