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Leading Edge Group has worked with organizations in the manufacturing and industrial sectors for over 27 years. We have worked with small and medium organizations at a local, national, and global level.

We help these organizations increase value-added activities and reduce waste across the entire production process and value chain to improve competitive advantage and long-term sustainability. 

Lean in Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is a set of principles and practices that aim to minimize waste and increase value in manufacturing operations. It is based on the idea that there is always room for improvement and that by identifying and eliminating waste, an organization can become more efficient and responsive to customer needs.

The core principles of Lean manufacturing include:

  • Recognize benefits from the customer’s perspective
  • Identifying the value stream and mapping it
  • Creating flow in the value stream
  • Establishing pull in the value stream
  • Pursuing perfection

Lean manufacturing can be used to improve a wide range of operations, including development, assembly, packaging, logistics, and more. When implemented effectively, it can significantly improve quality, efficiency, and cost, as well as increase customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

However, it’s important to note that implementing Lean principles and practices is not always easy. It requires a significant commitment from leadership and the workforce. We help manufacturing organizations adopt these principles through Lean training courses.

Agile in Manufacturing

Agile methodology originated in software development and has been adapted for use in other industries, including manufacturing. Agile’s core principles include:

  • Emphasis on customer collaboration
  • Swift responses to change
  • Delivering products and services using short iterations

In manufacturing, Agile methodologies can help foster collaboration between cross-functional teams like engineering, design, production, and quality assurance. Agile also helps adopt iterative prototyping, allowing for quick adjustments and refinements, which reduces the risk of costly errors later in the production process.

Over the past 27 years our consulting team has successfully worked with a range of manufacturing sector clients. Our approach is based on a collaborative, partnership-driven working style; effective stakeholder engagement, knowledge transfer and consensus building to develop an optimal future state that will best meet the needs of the organization.

Our manufacturing clients are achieving real, sustainable results

18% reduction in cycle times, 4.5% reduction in costs and a significant €50k cost saving from improvements in cleaning between batches as a result of a Lean Plus program

Detailed Value Stream Mapping for business processes identifying what can be automated

Digital Strategy, Roadmaps and KPIs via Digital Maturity Assessments

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Leading Edge Group can assess the unique needs of your manufacturing organization and provide you with a tailored proposal. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

Practical Training Programs

Our training programs are suitable for all manufacturing sector employees who wish to fully understand the advantages available from Lean and Lean Agile techniques. We can also provide tailor-made programs that focus on a specific tool or technique – for example, Lean strategic planning and deployment; value stream mapping; 5S; visual management; etc.

Agile Belt Certification

Agile is a proven way to transform your organization, encourage innovation and accelerate a culture where everyone is working better, smarter and more efficiently. We have developed a portfolio of Agile support programs and services to enable organizations to build standard capabilities and maximize the execution of improvements depending on your requirements.

Consultancy Support

Leading Edge Group delivers both strategic and operational consulting for manufacturing sector organizations.

Establishing a Lean Deployment and Management System

Inclusive of vision and strategy; governance; capability building model; measurement framework; stakeholder engagement plan and deployment roadmap.

Lean Transform

Our transformation framework is designed to support the individual needs of each organization. This journey takes your organization from daily firefighting and silo managed processes to work area self-reliance and sustained growth.

Lean Performance Improvement

Leading Edge Group provides both structured Lean consulting programs and tailored support for your organization. Our Lean Start and Plus programs introduce Lean to your organization through facilitating short and medium sized process improvements built around a framework for further progression. We can also provide expertise to support specific continuous improvement initiatives including service delivery reviews and specific Lean improvement initiatives.

Research and Evaluation

We provide qualitative and quantitative research services that help organizations make data-informed decisions and improve programs and services. Our services include digital and continuous improvement assessments; commercial feasibility studies and specific health check diagnostics to measure baseline performance of relevant processes and services.

Lean Digital Transformation

Lean Digital transformation is the process of using Lean practices and digital technologies to improve operational performance and customer experiences. It will drive innovation across your teams and enable you to successfully evolve your organization. Our 5D approach to digital transformation integrates seamlessly with our Lean Transformation framework to deliver an integrated model for your organization.


Agile is a proven way to transform your organization, encourage innovation and accelerate a culture where everyone is working better, smarter and more efficiently. We have developed a portfolio of Agile support programs and services to enable organizations to build capabilities and maximize the execution of improvements.

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Led by Experts

Our experts have significant experience in delivering process and quality improvement consulting, facilitation and training across diverse stakeholder groups from all levels across the manufacturing sector.

All Experts

Pat is our senior transformation practitioner with the ability to connect with all levels of an organisation, from C-suite in developing strategy and direction, to front line coaching & mentoring, imparting expertise to enable self-sustaining teams. Pat’s expertise is in operational excellence and advising on change management & strategy with…

Bill has over 29 years’ experience implementing Lean & continuous improvement programmes in a variety of industry sectors in Ireland, UK, Australia, USA, Denmark and Central America. Bill has also accumulated academic qualifications in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Quality Assurance, a Lean Green Belt and an MBA. Bill is both…

Joe has a First Class Engineering Degree from University College Cork, Ireland and a MBA from the Open University. Joe has over 30 years’ hands-on experience at process improvement, including the practical application of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. Before his mentoring and training work he had international responsibilities in…

Barry is a senior consultant with the Leading Edge Group with over 20 years’ experience in both SMEs and large multinationals.  Barry joined the Leading Edge Group team in 2017 and has led projects across a range of sectors leading to improvements in various companies business practices. Barry has industry…

Stacey Smyth is a Black Belt qualified trainer and consultant with over 20 years of global experience across a variety of sectors. Her background in Lean Six Sigma, auditing, and education has allowed her to effectively lead and coach teams, facilitate training and enable impactful changes across organizations through positive…

What our Clients Say

“Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals engaged Leading Edge Group to support “flow design” for laboratories in their new facility in Tuas, Singapore. The work was excellent and has been used by the team to design equipment set-up and workflows to aid an efficient facility start-up. The Leading Edge Group team was very knowledgeable in operations and Lean Methodologies, as well as being partnership focused. Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals continues to engage with Leading Edge Group on other projects.”

Pat Field, Senior Director, Pfizer

“Our experience with Leading Edge Group was exceptional, and the additional supports and excellent follow-up we received from the team ensured that we completed our projects and were able to sustain the improvements that had been made, demonstrating their commitment to creating continuous improvement learners. It is wonderful to now see and hear Lean approaches and tools being applied in other contexts outside of our projects, as the value of Lean is recognized across the agency and process improvements continue to be actualized.”

Monica Armstrong, System Planner. Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa.

Our Clients

We work with staff at all levels and functions of the organization. We’ve helped both large and small manufacturing companies across Ireland & Canada with their Continuous Improvement efforts.

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