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As your business grows to accommodate higher efficiency without compromising on quality, skillsets must match the level of adaptability needed for continuous improvement.

Lean methodology seeks to streamline the capabilities of your workforce and ensure you focus on value throughout production. Acquiring a Lean certification acts as a catalyst for change in the right direction. Leverage your existing talent to seize opportunities throughout all of your projects with Lean training courses.

Lean Belt Courses

Pursuing a Lean certification is not a one-off training endeavour. Rather, it is a path to comprehensive courses and knowledge which bring you closer to better processes throughout your tasks. There are five Lean training courses, each focusing on increasing the skillset gained from the previous course.

  • Lean white belt. This introductory course helps users understand the meaning and goals of Lean training.
  • Lean yellow belt. A step further, this training focuses on a deeper understanding of Lean and how it is used.
  • Lean green belt. During this course, you will gain insights into core Lean concepts, tools, and practices. It will also expand your ability to lead process improvement initiatives within your company.
  • Lean black belt. Completing this Lean certification allows you to create tangible change and transform your organization for the better.
  • Lean master black belt. As implied, this is the expert level of training demonstrating your mastery of Lean application.
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Lean By Industry

We provide Lean training for several industries. Check out our most popular sectors.

What is Lean Training?

The main objective of Lean is to reduce non-value-adding activities in daily processes. Thus, Lean training gives employees the skills and experience needed to employ Lean knowledge and practices in their day-to-day tasks. This education provides them with tools and measures to improve processes and help identify and eliminate wasteful endeavours that take away from the value of their work.

There are various levels of Lean certification which build on existing teachings to create a more well-rounded understanding of the methodology. In addition, this training can be applied to multiple industries and sectors to improve practices and increase productivity as it relates to a specific company.

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Applying Lean Principles

Some industries may have overlapping concerns where the same Lean training practices can be applied. Other sectors may have required courses that are uniquely tailored to their needs. In any case, five Lean principles guide teaching and training. Our Lean courses focus on teaching the principles below and the tools and concepts that enable them. Understanding their impact and how to incorporate them into your unique situation is vital for Lean certification.

  1. Define value. For this principle, value is defined as what the customer is willing to pay for. Research may need to be conducted to best determine what customers find to be valuable.
  2. Map the value stream. Lean methodology requires identifying all activities that contribute to that value. Activities that do not fall into this category are considered waste.
  3. Create flow. In this principle, waste is removed, and operations are evaluated to ensure they run smoothly without it. This may involve reviewing steps from different angles or departments.
  4. Establish pull. A pull-based system focuses on completing processes just when the item or action is needed. These systems work backwards from production and following the value stream.
  5. Pursue perfection. Waste is prevented throughout the above steps. To reach a higher efficiency level, employees must find ways to continue their learnings from this process and implement them daily.

Additional Lean Courses

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Who Should Get Lean Certified?

Lean certification doesn’t exclusively lend itself to a particular group or skill set; Lean aims to accommodate all levels and capabilities. Many can benefit from the knowledge gained from Lean certification program and will witness the difference it makes in their processes and tasks. Any area that is stressed through redundant processes and inefficiencies may look into Lean certification to improve existing systems and ensure room for growth in the future.

Senior positions and those that are inherently customer-focused have the most potential knowledge to gain when they obtain certification in Lean methodology. This training offers a higher-level understanding of processes while relating to your unique industry. These positions can provide the most insight and create opportunities for change within their companies.

Professional Lean Training

Our programs include instructor-led and virtual options for optimal opportunities to gain foundational knowledge in Lean methodologies. We offer courses in all belt levels and are capable of designing unique programs depending on your organization’s needs. From there, Leading Edge Group’s in-house trainers are a part of what makes our Lean certification so robust and compelling. A good program may present technical knowledge, but transferring concepts into skill sets can only be achieved through dynamic and astute trainers who have real-world experience applying Lean principles.

Our trainers encourage consistent self-improvement, including opportunities to reflect, study, and apply new insights. Their years of experience and commitment to recertification have made them adept at working with numerous individuals interested in the Lean methodology and seeing where it can translate into their operations.

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