Improving Performance Through Lean Principles

Lean is not a one-time fix but instead is an ongoing commitment to excellence. By applying Lean principles, your organization can optimize processes, enhance quality, and drive performance improvements across the board.

Lean Transformation

Our consultants conduct Lean transformations to improve operational performance and customer experience. The Leading Edge Group Lean Transformation Framework is designed to support the specific needs of every company and organization. This framework uses established methodologies to create a singular approach to operational excellence.

Our Clients

We have worked with a large number of organizations in both the public and private sector. Across industries of healthcare, local government, and manufacturing we have worked with over 1000 organizations such as:

Tailored Solutions

Our organization is different. One size does not fit all. We tailor our consulting and training services to fit your specific requirements.


Our industry experts work with our clients to develop the best individual course of action for the organization in line with its specific requirements and prevailing culture.


With a range of industry specific training courses and, additionally, experienced consultants who are dedicated to client needs, we develop a plan and approach that is developed collaboratively with your organization.

Implement Change

With a tailored approach and plan in place, the organization can implement changes to effectively address its challenges in a sustainable way.

Case Studies

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Why Leading Edge Group?

Extensive Range of Experienced Consultants

We are constantly expanding our consultant options with knowledgeable and quality leaders in all areas of Lean, Digital and Sustainability. These consultants develop our Lean courses, offer classes and provide informed advice to all organizations. Since our inception nearly 30 years ago, we have gained immense expertise and been able to set robust requirements and standards to ensure our consultants and trainers are the best of the best.

Catered to Your Organization

Our services are specifically designed to cater to your needs, including the background you and your business have regarding Lean. With relevant online and offline training courses catered to the many sectors we work with, especially healthcare, local government, manufacturing and food & drink, we can ensure that the knowledge earned is applicable to your needs.

Modern and Innovative

Despite being a tenured company, we still pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the changing environment. Our operations began with Lean consultancy in Ireland and have since expanded to include offices around the world. Digital courses have always been part of our delivery methods, and now with sustainability consulting and courses, we have enhanced our services with relevant and up-to-date challenges that businesses have. As a result, we are continually able to provide unique solutions that make significant improvements.



Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals engaged Leading Edge Group to support “flow design” for laboratories in our new facility in Tuas, Singapore.

The work was excellent and has been used by the team to design equipment set-up and workflows to aid an efficient facility start-up. The Leading Edge Group team was very knowledgeable in operations and Lean Methodologies, as well as being partnership focused. Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals continues to engage with Leading Edge Group on other projects.

Pat Field, Senior Director, Pfizer

Our experience with Leading Edge Group was exceptional, and the additional supports and excellent follow-up we received from the team ensured that we completed our projects and were able to sustain the improvements that had been made, demonstrating their commitment to creating continuous improvement learners. It is wonderful to now see and hear Lean approaches and tools being applied in other contexts outside of our projects, as the value of Lean is recognized across the agency and process improvements continue to be actualized.

Monica Armstrong, System Planner. Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa.

Agile Training and Consulting

Enhance your team’s efficiency and adaptability with our comprehensive Agile training and consulting services. Our expert coaches provide hands-on guidance to help your organization embrace Agile principles and methodologies. From Scrum to Kanban, we empower your team to deliver high-quality results, foster collaboration, and drive continuous improvement.

Ready to Get Started?

Start saving time and money with Lean methodology. Our consulting team is highly skilled and experienced in offering you a customizable solution for your organization.

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