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There is wide acknowledgement that we need to look at digitalizing the way we work to ensure that we will evolve in line with ever-changing external forces. Organizations are re-evaluating their business models, digital strategy, and efficiencies needed to meet the changes and challenges that result from unprecedented developments such as pandemics and accelerated advancements in technology. For some, it is a means to stay competitive, for others it is a means to stay in business.

There is digital funding available in Ireland from Government Agencies including Enterprise Ireland; Industrial Development Authority (IDA) and the Local Enterprise Offices. We can advise you on how to secure this funding.

Many organizations have embraced digitalization in the past through support provided by Leading Edge Group. In our upcoming series of posts and videos we will explain the role of digitalization and what it may mean for your business. We will also outline some of our digital case studies that will give you a clear understanding of the deliverables achieved from such support.

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Digital Funding Options

City Council/Municipality

This client operates in a dynamic and constantly changing business environment and are facing unprecedented change over the coming years. The ICT functions will be facing substantial project workload with a significant increase in the number of users and applications supported.

When combined with many other business and ICT challenges, Council management sought our assistance to complete a digital strategy to develop a solid digital framework to support business change over the coming years. Using our digital expertise, we conducted external research on trends and challenges in Local Government; conducted a current state assessment on all business applications and developed a digital strategy setting priorities on future digital projects, resourcing, timelines and associated costs together with organizational redesigns.

The Council was presented with a 5-year digital strategy and roadmap to initiate structured and integrated change across the various directorates in line with best practice examples across Europe and smart city initiatives, global trends in customer experience, and the general drive for digitalization.

Port Authority

The Port had previously operated and competed under a very challenging economic and business environment caused by economic downturns. The business recovered strongly in recent years and is now back to strong and profitable growth and has very ambitious plans including a number of major capital development projects to centralize all operations.

A key initiative in the delivery of a new infrastructure strategy was the development of a comprehensive port-wide digital strategy which would deliver greater efficiencies and improved levels of customer service. Additionally, a comprehensive digital strategy was required to support many elements of their corporate plan, in areas such as: site consolidations, Port efficiency improvements, ‘Smart Port’ initiatives, document storage and sharing, staff management and development, internal process improvements, internal and external communications improvements, IT resilience, mobile device management, and IT infrastructure improvements. Leading Edge Group were appointed to deliver on this strategy over a 3 month period due to our expertise in both transformations and digital change initiatives.

The core digital infrastructure, systems and processes were mapped, gaps identified, and areas highlighted for further development and improvement. The proposed digital project plans were categorized and summarised by business function and area, to form the basis of a summary digital- roadmap covering the next 5-year period.  

Charitable Organization

Our client is a charity funded and supported by a Government Agency to provide a comprehensive and confidential telephone information service to citizens. Some years ago, they introduced an instant chat service, specifically for people with hearing or speech difficulties to ensure they have equal access to qualified information. Since its inception, the service has grown in popularity and diverged from its original target segment to a wider public audience. This, coupled with the technological advances that have been made has meant that the original live chat service became outdated.

Leading Edge Group was engaged to conduct a digital audit of the current system and an analysis of the technology, process and statistics as well as review of other modern live chat solutions with recommendations on how it could be deployed by the client to improve upon the existing service, along with projections for future traffic and the resources required to deliver the service.

We proposed an updated solution and produced forecast scenarios and resource projections to conduct a pilot of a new live chat service.

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