Climate Action Solutions
Climate Action Solutions

Take Climate Action to build a Sustainable Business

Leading Edge Group in 2021 has created a new business offering to build upon the success we have had over the past 20 years in Continuous Improvement Initiatives which incorporated Environmental & Energy Assessments and associated projects.

We have built on our expertise with the appointment of Paul Murphy as Climate Action Solutions Lead who brings a wealth of experience in the Climate Action, Energy and Sustainability space having worked with some of the world’s largest manufacturing companies right across the globe. His expertise, coupled with our over 20 years’ experience in delivery of Consultancy, Training and Business Process Improvement will allow us to develop solutions for our local & international client based.

We believe that Climate Action can make good business and financial sense when the correct expertise is applied.


What is Climate Action?

Climate Action is a deliberate undertaking by an individual, organization or government to mitigate their impact on Climate Change. Climate Change is the single largest challenge facing mankind in the next century.

The need for change in almost every facet of our daily lives is beyond comprehension for most of us. The scale of the problem is so significant that most people, organizations and governments are struggling to find the solutions to the challenge. There are solutions – many off the shelf, readily available – however in isolation all these solutions are not enough.

The way we will succeed is through integration of all the solutions at a rapid pace and in the most cost-effective manner while also continuously seeking out additional solutions for the near future.

To develop a business that can make a measurable impact and provide real solutions to governments, organizations and the people of the world it must be a business which harnesses the expertise of many, in all areas of the economy and be agile enough to be able to respond rapidly to change.

That is what Leading Edge Group offers.

Our Approach

Using our approach, we will help you to take the initial steps and support you through the process while developing capacity within your internal teams to carry on taking Climate Action when our assignment ends.

Example Service Offerings

We offer many services in all areas of Climate Action Consultancy. See below some examples which have funding available from Local Enterprise Offices, Enterprise Ireland & IDA.

Each level of support is characterised by increasing levels of capability in implementing Climate Action, Energy, Environmental & Sustainability best practice approaches to drive company awareness, adoption and integration of environmental best practice approaches, tools and techniques.
Get in touch with us and we can determine the best options for funding your Climate Action journey.


Funded Services

A Green assignment could incorporate some of the following depending on the specific areas under investigation:

  • Resource Efficiency Assessment –
    o Energy Audit, Carbon Assessment, Climate Change Impact Assessment,
    Water & Waste Audits
  • Renewable Energy Potential –
    o Solar PV, Wind, Anaerobic Digestion, Biomass, CHP
  • Energy Efficient Design – EXEED
  • Energy Management Systems – ISO50001
  • Environmental Management Systems – ISO14001
  • Corporate Sustainability Strategy
  • Climate Action Strategy
  • Carbon Emissions Baseline Assessment – Full lifecycle
  • Climate Action Training
  • Green Procurement
  • Employee and Customer Engagement
  • Sustainable Packaging Strategy
  • Transport Emissions Reduction Strategy
  • Sustainable Business Enhancement
  • Circular Economy Innovation
  • Digitization Strategy for Environmental Management
  • Origin Green Pathways to Net Zero Consultancy

Other Services

  • Measurement & Verification – IPMVP Standards
  • Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme Consultancy
  • SEAI Grant Support
  • Community Energy Consultancy
  • Green Marketing & Communications

Leading Edge Group Sectors

We work in the following sectors throughout Ireland, Canada and Australia.

Food: Agri, Dairy, Drinks, Services, Retail

Lifesciences: Pharmaceuticals; Medical Devices; Animal Health

Engineering: Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Project Engineering, Packaging

Services: Local Government; Councils; Ports; Postal Services; Healthcare; Utilities; Energy; Contact/Call Centres; Financial Services

Construction: Contractors; Sub Contractors; Project Management; Architects