Dr. Tim Hill
Dr. Tim Hill

Dr. Hill has served as a Lean leader for over 25 years in Canada, the United States and the Far East. He studied at the Asian Productivity Organization (working with Ishikawa), the Japan Kaizen Institute (working with Imai) and the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers.

A certified Black Belt, Dr. Hill has designed the training and led the delivery of Minnesota’s Lean initiative (focused primarily in healthcare) and the Lean in Healthcare initiative for the state of Victoria, Australia. His Lean Healthcare experience covers a wide range of healthcare institutions, leading to major sustained accomplishments including:

Over a quarter of a million Dollars in savings from reducing time spent by nurses looking for medications

  • Reducing cycle time for OR booking and revising the OR booking process
  • Improvements in sterile processing departments reducing the number of short-shipped OR carts from 30-40% to less than 3%
  • Reducing a pharmacy’s time to fill orders by 50%
    • Introducing patient registration calls 24-48 hours prior to surgery, thereby reducing wait times for surgery, pre-admission and more