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Who is it for?

SMEs and Large Companies redesigning their business model to increase competitiveness, enhance market positioning and achieve growth.

The key principles of operational excellence include;

  • Lean/Operational Excellence Training
  • Innovation
  • Digitalisation
  • Sustainability

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, continuous improvement is necessary to respond to changing customer needs and supply chain disruptions. Businesses must develop agile operational and innovation management systems. With this support, Enterprise Ireland helps you to invest in a large-scale transformation project which could increase the competitiveness of your business on an international scale.

What is provided?

  • Support for new investment in transformation projects with minimum expenditure level of €100,000.
  • 10%-35% grant rate on capital assets such as new/second hand equipment (SMEs only), computers, software licenses (defined by the Regional Aid Map 2022)
  • Up to 50% grant rate on up to €300,000 max. expenditure for Digital Process Innovation
  • Up to 50%-70% grant rate on training and development management (defined by the size of the company)