The Town of Gravenhurst: A Continuous Improvement Journey

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By embracing Lean principles, the Town of Gravenhurst has established a systematic approach that fosters innovation and drives ongoing improvements for the benefit of operations and the community.

The Town engaged Leading Edge Group to provide the necessary support and has achieved significant cumulative savings of CAD $450,562 within two (2) years, streamlined processes and improved customer service.

At the end of our second year, the results and the enthusiasm have far surpassed our original expectations. We had set a target of 12 Green Belts and 75 White Belts and 12 continuous improvement projects after three years. After two years, we have trained 17 Green Belts with 3 more in progress, 89 White Belts and have already conducted 12 continuous improvement projects. Those projects have identified 4,407 annual hours freed up in capacity or an equivalent of $275,822 in time value. In addition, there were other absolute savings and revenue recoveries of $174,740 for a total value of savings identified to date of $450,562. For a small municipality, that would equate to not having to increase the budget by 2.5%. What it has done for the corporate culture is harder to measure, but we will feel that it took a good culture and made it even better..” – Ross Jeffery, Director of Finance

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