Postgraduate Diploma/MSc in SCM (Lean SCM Black Belt)
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About the Programme

Leading Edge Group works with UCC to provide a module in their Postgraduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) has emerged as a major element in global business, with considerable investment in systems and processes. The opportunities to develop soft skills to support and use these systems and processes exist across a range of industries and organisations.  The need for effective and efficient coordination of key business processes is common to all businesses and cuts across functions and operations. In recent years, many companies in Ireland have expanded their perspective beyond the traditional factory to enterprise wide activities including supply chain management. Successful supply chain management requires strategic and operational alignment, thus the programme includes a strong emphasis on strategy, information systems, demand management, change and innovation, and integrated project management.

This programme adopts a lean philosophy. Lean thinking has evolved beyond a toolkit approach to a strategy deployment framework. This deployment approach is supported by leadership capability and behaviour, embeds a learning capability, optimizes processes and sustains improvement. The programme is designed to support functional managers on their lean journey as they move into a leadership role. Thus the programme seeks to employ this lean approach to improve supply chain processes through both enhanced personal and organisational capability.

This Postgraduate Diploma / Masters in Supply Chain Management (Lean SCM Black Belt) offered by University College Cork provides a tailored and systematic programme designed to meet the needs of companies.  Delivered in conjunction with our practitioner partners the Leading Edge Group, this programme blends academic and practical expertise. The programme is designed to improve global supply chain processes through cost reduction and value-add for participants and their organisations. This is a part-time programme delivered over 18 months, and the programme meets National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) Level 9.

Who will benefit from the programme?

The Postgraduate Diploma / Masters in SCM is aimed at career minded practitioners who work in either supply chain or related functions and who have responsibility for continuous improvement within their organizations. It would also suit those who have some experience in Lean or Supply Chain Management and wish to develop knowledge and skills in these areas.

Delivering significant benefits to participating companies.

Over 100 Black Belt Project have been completed since 2011, yielding reported monetized benefits of €130m in savings or approximately €1.3m/student.


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