Ornua – Achieving Operational Success through Maturity Assessments

Barry O’Brien of the Leading Edge Group, recently evaluated 5 different Ornua sites on their pathway to Operational Excellence through adopting our Continuous Improvement Maturity Model (CIMM). We support the on-going assessment of individual Ornua sites against best practice OpEx criteria, outlining a trackable roadmap for each site.

To compete in the global dairy marketplace, Ornua established a formal framework in 2017 to manage operational excellence at each of its processing facilities called “The Ornua Way”. Its aim is to ensure that everybody in the organization is working on the right things and are actively involved in making the business better. The framework was developed to support each processing facilities’ individual journey from daily firefighting all the way to work area self-reliance and organizational sustained growth. All of the plants assessed over the last two months are on an upwards curve to leveraging additional gains from embracing this operational excellence culture and mind set.