City of St John’s Lean Green Belt Certificate Presentation

The City of St John’s is committed to advancing its core value of ‘continue to do things better’ and enhancing a culture of continuous improvement (CI). A key priority for the organization is to develop and embed a CI culture across the municipality. To this end, Leading Edge Group has been supporting the City over the past 12 months through providing continuous improvement training and strategic support. As well as upskilling management and staff and establishing a vision and road map for CI, we have provided advanced CI training for a number of employees to form a ‘Community of Practice’ with the ability to drive improvements across the organization. This training is at the Lean Green Belt level of certification and we are delighted to announce that the first cohort of candidates has completed with great success.

To achieve Leading Edge Group Green Belt certification, participants need to successfully complete an improvement project and an exam. Green Belt projects completed at the City have demonstrated improvements/learnings in areas such as fire inspections; Robin Hood Bay drop-off facility; permit applications; recreation facility bookings and accounts payable.

Leading Edge Group’s CEO – Joe Aherne – and VP of Operations – John Whelton – were delighted to attend a graduation ceremony at the City last week to recognize this tremendous achievement and present Green Belt certificates to graduates.

Congratulations to all!

[L to R]: Shawn Haye, Roshni Antony, Victoria Etchegary, Vicki Button, Tina Power, Carla Squires. Also successful but not present: Mary Walsh and Tammy Walters.

[L to R]: John Whelton, VP of Operations; Leading Edge Group; Green Belt graduate, Roshni Antony and Derek Coffey, Deputy City Manager.


[L to R]: John Whelton, VP of Operations, Leading Edge Group; Green Belt graduate, Victoria Etchegary and Derek Coffey, Deputy City Manager.