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Lean Pilot in a Contact Centre

The Challenge

A call centre engaged Leading Edge Group to introduce Lean Thinking to their contact centre environment via a Lean pilot assignment. We coached staff on their call handling processes in order to reduce the amount of time and effort required to deliver results.

The key objective of the project was to highlight significant opportunities to reduce Non-Value Added (Lean Waste) activity, leading to the handling of more calls which in turn would result in increased revenue. A four-week pilot project was set up for a particular cell.

The Solution

We provided In-house training to the project team and key stakeholders.This provided a general understanding of Lean, identification of “Wastes” and an introduction to the various tools they’d be using. The project goals were as follows:

  • The reduction of average handling time (AHT) by 5%
  • Increased awareness of how to apply Lean within a Contact Centre Environment
  • Identify unique selling points(USPs) that can help the organization win new customers.

The Results

  • As a result of this four week pilot project, we achieved the following:
    • 11%+ AHT reduction achieved.
    • Lean awareness and application within Contact Centre environment was achieved.
    • A new call assessment scorecard was developed for Lean Coaching creating a USP that embeds Lean in the organization’s way of working.


Results Without Lean With Lean
AHT 600 530
Calls Per Person Per Week (PPPW) 200 Calls Per Week 235 Calls Per Week
Extra Sales 0 +3.5
Team Opportunity Calls (150 Full Time Employees) 0 +2,900
Team Opportunity Sales (150 Full Time Employees) 0 +525
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