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Lean Programs for Municipalities

Leading Edge Group provide Lean training programs and improvement consultancy support, specifically designed for municipalities, empowering staff at all levels to apply… Read More

How Lean is your Supply Chain?

Most companies have still not fully achieved optimised supply chains that are linked to business objectives, built around core processes, enabled by technology and integrated with suppliers and customers. In addition most companies have still not clearly identified what their full supply chain costs are, or linked financials to their core supply chain processes. Joe Aherne believes that all companies should perform a comprehensive supply chain assessment measured against their peers and across industries. It should target supply chain inefficiencies, assesses manufacturing effectiveness and act as a catalyst for developing supply chain strategies and action plans based on facts. Read More

Ode to Newfoundland

Many of you might not know, but Newfoundland & Labrador is one of our biggest growth markets internationally. As part of my recent visit to Canada, I visited St John’s with our VP for North America, John Whelton. It turned out to be some experience and I was bowled over by the welcoming and friendliness of the people, its unique culture and the many similarities between “The Rock” and Ireland. Read More

New Business Development Manager Appointed for CItric Cube

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Peter Davitt to the position of Business Development Manager of CItric Cube, commencing on the 15th January ,2019. Peter will be responsible for introducing and promoting our  SaaS solutions which are going to revolutionise how businesses manage their Continuous Improvement (CI) activities and teams.  Having graduated from the Marketing Institute of Ireland in 2000 and from the Institute of Commercial Management in 2005 with qualifications in Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising, Peter has spent the last 15 years gaining extensive international experience in Strategic Business Planning, Business Development and Key Account Management. Read More

Ornua – Achieving Operational Success through Maturity Assessments

Barry O’Brien of the Leading Edge Group, recently evaluated 5 different Ornua sites on their pathway to Operational Excellence through adopting our Continuous Improvement Maturity Model (CIMM). We support the on-going assessment of individual Ornua sites against best practice OpEx criteria, outlining a trackable roadmap for each site. Read More

City of St John’s Lean Green Belt Certificate Presentation

The City of St John’s is committed to advancing its core value of ‘continue to do things better’ and enhancing a culture of continuous improvement (CI). A key priority for the organization is to develop and embed a CI culture across the municipality. To this end, Leading Edge Group has been supporting the City over the past 12 months through providing continuous improvement training and strategic support. As well as upskilling management and staff and establishing a vision and road map for CI, we have provided advanced CI training for a number of employees to form a ‘Community of Practice’ with the ability to drive improvements across the organization. This training is at the Lean Green Belt level of certification and we are delighted to announce that the first cohort of candidates has completed with great success. Read More

Continuous Improvement at the City of Mississauga – 2018 Award Winners

Leading Edge Group is delighted to announce that the City of Mississauga has been selected as the winner of our International Continuous Improvement Excellence Award for 2018. This award is presented annually and was established to recognize excellence across an organization in adopting a sustainable culture of continuous improvement. Read More