Tools For Bettering Your Business – Ennis – Local Enterprise Office Clare
Posted in News & Events on 25/02/2020

Based in Clare? Looking for easy to use methods and tools to help you improve productivity in your own businesses?

Attend Local Enterprise Office Clare’s one day workshop in Ennis on Tuesday, March 3rd, where you will learn how to apply world-class improvement tools and methods, identify improvement opportunities and practical ways to make them happen and understand what you need to do to embed beneficial change within your organisation.

With the arrival of new technology, increased competition and rising expectations from customers and stakeholders the need for productivity improvement has never been greater. The drive to deliver faster, cheaper and right first time is a challenge facing every organisation in Ireland.

To help an organisation survive for the long-term, as it faces new competition and changing macro-economic conditions, improvement methodologies make an organisation more flexible and adaptable to change as it occurs (rather than delayed responses). Survival gives an organisation the continuing opportunity to better serve its customers over time.

These workshops will introduce you to easy to use methods and tools to help you improve productivity in your own businesses. We will introduce elements of improvement methodologies, which continue to be successful in delivering significant business improvements in all sectors.


• Overview of Improvement Methodologies
• I feel I have a Problem but I’m not Sure. How can I Prove or Disprove It? Simple Data Gathering Techniques
• What is the Problem? Identifying and Scoping Problems
• Can I See Quickly if my Business is Performing? Visual Management
• I Know what’s Wrong. How do I Fix It? Problem Solving Techniques
• How do I Make the Fix Stick? Project Implementation Techniques

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